Diseases That Affect the Rose Flower Plant

We can all agree that rose flowers are beautiful and carry some amazing aroma. But, it is not easy to grow Flowers Roses. Still, if you want to, you can plant some of the flowers in your own garden, in your home. There are some important things you need to know before you begin rose gardening. Rose flowers are prose to diseases and other attacks that affect the flower’s health, and here some of the diseases and disorder facing the rose flowers, and how to treat them.

Stunted and destroyed canes
This type of rose condition is known as powdery mildew. It affects the buds, leaves and stems. When the white powder is swept by the wind, it settles on the plant and make it turn purple.
Downy mildew
This is not only a rapid but also a dangerous fungal disease that appears on the stems, leaves as well as the flowers. Dead tissue and yellow areas appear on the leaves as the disease continues to grow. The disease is extremely tough and can kill the rose plant quickly if not treated on time. Certain treatments may not be effective. So you may have to use about three fungicidal treatments 10 days apart.
Rose canker
They usually appear as gray, black or brown areas on the stem or cane of the rose bush. One of the causes for this condition is the winter cold or other types of damages on the plant. However, the condition can be corrected if spotted early.
Damaged leaves bottom
Rust is the disease that damages the lower areas of the leaves. Blisters grow on the plant and turn in black. The diseases can occur in spring, or fall, but survive in winter. Remove the infected leaves to prevent infection
Blotched leaves
Aphids cause blotched leaves. They usually appear in brown, green or red creatures. They can appear as a clump below the leaves and buds, they suck on the juice.
Powdery Mildew
It is also known as PM or powdery mildew. It is one of the most dangerous and prevalent diseases for rose. It is a fungal diseases that prompts the releases of white power along the bottoms and tops of the leaves on the plant stems. If the rose plant is not treated in time, the plant may not perform well, and wrinkles will develop, and die off. The earliest symptoms of this disease include raised blister on the leaf surfaces.
Stunted and malformed flowers and leaves
The spider mites usually attack the flowers and leaves of the rose plant. They usually appear as green, yellow or red spiders below the leaves. The suck on the foliage juice.
Black spots on the leaves
Black sports occur in a circle-like shape. They usually grow on the edge of the leaves. The make the leaves turn yellow. Pluck of the infected leaves and collect fallen leaves around the plant to avoid infection. You can also use artificial spray to treat the condition.